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Vin DIESEL Leaks NEW 800HP 2018 Dodge DEMON on Facebook LIVE ‘By ACCIDENT’??


The NEW 800hp 2018 Dodge DEMON has Been Leaked!  When it comes to marketing campaigns, some of them can tend to be intricately planned out road maps to what one team might see as the way to be the most

Shelby Cobra Drifting In The Living Room!!

Living Room

Shelby Cobra Drifting In The Living Room !! Everything is perfect here. A Perfect car, perfect driver and perfect living room floor…. But this’s not for long. See also Police Car Lose in Drift Race ….Let’s try to rationalize this: either it’s


Hundreds of Street Racers

Cops + Hundreds of Street Racers = CHAOS!! When it comes to those who like to street race, most of the time, racers will navigate under the cloak of darkness, hoping not to be detected as they fly down night

Fully Functional 3D PRINTED Chevy Camaro V8 LS3 Engine!

LS3 V8 Engine

Chevy Camaro LS3 V8 Engine – Scale Working Model Remember when life was nothing but eating large amounts of pasta and disassembling engines? Yeah, that was the best! Especially the time you shot noodles out your nose and into the

1600HP CUDA With 540 Big-Block Chrysler Will Give You A Heart Attack!

Chrysler Barracuda

1600HP CUDA With 540 Big-Block Chrysler!!! When it comes to drag racing, this (1610 HP) 1971 Plymouth Barracuda Powered By 540 Big-Block Chrysler has the speed and the looks to be the potential top drag racing car on every track. But…

The SECRET to Cut Your Fuel Bills to 56% in Costs!!

Cut Your Fuel Bills

The SECRET to Cut Your Fuel Bills to 56% in Costs!! We know that everyone has tried at least once in his life feeling broke of money when it comes to filling up your car’s tank. The first thing that

Grandpa Given a ’55 Bel Air for Christmas, 50 years after losing his


Grandpa Surprised With His Dream Car Will Melt Your Ice Cold Heart Charlie Green only ever wanted two things: to own a house and a second chance to own a 1955 Chevy Bel Air, his first car. Green, the “angry

Teens Steal Three SRT Hellcats And Crash Immediately


Teens Steal Three SRT Hellcats And Crash Immediately Three teenagers from the Kansas City area have been left red-faced after crashing three Dodges almost immediately after stealing them. Two Dodge Charger SRT Hellcats and a Challenger Hellcat. Salesman Battles Armed

MONSTER 800hp Camaro Left Mustang Owner MOUTHS OPEN


Monster 800HP Camaro Left Some Mouths Open! Everyone that loves racing, knows for sure that the rivalry between Camaro and Mustang has been with us for many many years now, and I think that this war will never end. We’ve

800hp Cummins 5.9 Twin-turbo, Nitrous, Cryo and Meth-Injected 1950 Caddy

1950 caddy

CUMMINS-POWERED 1950 CADDY The Wet Sounds Marine Audio booth is known for custom sound system in wakeboard boats. Now they have this slammed and chopped diesel powered Caddy to tow their boats. Every piece of the Cadillac has been stretched,