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This 27-foot Long Monster Is Too Much Your Eyes Can Handle

valyrian steel

Valyrian Steel – 27-foot Long Monster This ride may look weird but it’s a build so unique and different it’ll leave you speechlessly amazed and shocked. It’s a dune buggy-like creation called the “Valyrian Steel” and it’s a rolling combination

New Rods Designed for BOOSTED and NITROUS Assisted Engines and Big Horsepower

Rods Designed for BOOSTED and NITROUS Assisted Engines

Wiseco – Boost Line Connecting Rods for Big Horsepower Introducing Boost Line Connecting Rods by Wiseco Performance Products! The Wiseco engineering team created this new, patent-pending 3-pocket design specifically for demanding turbocharged, supercharged and big nitrous applications. These connecting rods

Snowmobile Engine Powered GO KART – 111 MPH

go kart

Snowmobile Engine Powered GO KART Reach 111 MPH This’s one epic Snowmobile Engine Powered Rat Rod Go Kart! So How do you like that RAT ROD lettering on the huge exhaust pipes of this gokart? Cool, eh? Notonly is this

Crazy 1963 Morris 1100 Rat Rod At “RED CENTRE NATS”


Crazy 1963 Morris 1100 Rat Rod  MARK James teaches Light Vehicle Mechanics at Charles Darwin University, and he brought his crazy 1963 Morris 1100 down from Darwin to Red CentreNATS. Hanging out at the CDU stand, the car copped plenty

Driving a Freaky Chevy C10 Truck With Huge Tires!!

chevy c10

Chevy C10 Truck With Huge Tires!! “Believe me I’m a mechanic,” – words which describe this guy perfectly!! And one more prove that Redneck imagination has no limits. Those “Partners” on the truck are doing improvements and tune up their truck

Man Donates more than 30,000 Scale Models And Full Size Cars To His Church


Man Donates More Than 30,000 Cars to Church This unusual donation was left by Dennis Erickson. He was a resident of Minnesota who was working as an usher at Celebration Church at the time of his death. Church members who

WILD Custom Peterbilt HOT ROD SEMI Head Turner

Custom Peterbilt

WILD Custom Peterbilt Hot Rod Semi There will always be a new Hot Rod that will make you say WOW, just when think you’ve seen them all, shapes and sizes inclusive. This WILD Peterbilt Hot Rod Semi Truck is one of the



WILD Mercedes Diesel RAT ROD MOTORCYCLE From all motorcycles in the world, this could be the Wildest one. Till now not so many information, except that it’s Diesel Mercedes Motor and it’s a BADASS!! See also America’S Ultimate Motorcycle Barn Find Owner says

LIQUIDATION! Forgotten Wrecking Yard with at Least a 1000 cars

Forgotten Wrecking Yard Liquidation! I’m sure many of you, have fond memories of wondering around salvage yards, looking at all the rusty relics. Sadly, many of these yards have closed and what ever was left over was simply crushed and

FIELD FIND Farm Use ’59 VW Rusty Rat TRUCK With BEST Patina Ever


’59 VW Rusty Rat TRUCK With BEST Patina Ever Here we present you the coolest and baddest PATINA on Youtube presented by freakineagle!! This is an old but totally gold, ’53 model VW truck. It’s filmed while unloading from trailer and